La Padana 300L

Screw compressor For sale

Make: La Padana
Made in Italy.
3 in one screw Compressor: compressor, tank (300L), and air dryer.
Low hours.
11kw motor. 380v
Gives about 55cfm.
In perfect condition

The oil infused turning screw compressor is a positive relocation type compressor.

A given amount of air or gas is caught in a pressure chamber and the space that it involves is precisely decreased, causing a comparing ascend in pressure before release.

A revolving screw compressor has a couple of intermeshing rotors housed in an appropriate packaging to deliver pressure.

Alluded to for the most part as a twin screw blower every rotor contains a bunch of helical projections fastened to a shaft

One rotor is known as the male rotor and the other rotor is the female rotor. The quantity of projections on the male rotor, and the quantity of woodwinds on the female, will fluctuate starting with one blower producer then onto the next. Nonetheless, the female rotor will consistently have mathematically more valleys (woodwinds) than the male rotor flaps for better productivity

Male projection behaves like a constant cylinder moving down female woodwind which behaves like a chamber catching air and lessening space ceaselessly.

With the revolution, the main portion of the male projection arrives at the shape of the female depression and traps the air in the pocket recently framed.

The air is dropped down the female rotor groove and is packed as the volume is diminished.

At the point when the male rotor projection arrives at the finish of the section, the caught air is released from the air end.

This sort of twin-screw compressors can be without oil or oil infused. On account of the oil greased up blower oil is infused.

Oil infused screw compressor have a close to isothermal pressure measure as the warmth produced by the pressure cycle is nearly scattered by the oil.

The temperature of the oil infused into the pressure chamber is by and large controlled between 60-700C. The release temperature should stay over the pressing factor dew highlight keep away from buildup of dampness that would blend in with the oil. A thermostatic valve controls the amount of the oil being circled to the oil cooler or to the detour to keep up the ideal temperature over a wide scope of encompassing temperatures.

A combination of packed air and oil leaves the air end and is passed to a separator where the greater part of the oil is taken out from the compacted air utilizing directional and speed changes. Then, at that point coalescent channels are utilized to eliminate the leftover oil bringing about exceptionally low oil persist (generally 2-5 ppm)

turning screw compressor oil cooling and partition

As well as cooling oil, an air aftercooler is utilized to cool the released air and to eliminate overabundance dampness.

In many applications, radiator type coolers are utilized to give heat recuperation from the pressure cycle and use it for office warming. Water cooled heat exchangers, are likewise accessible on most rotating screw compressors.

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Exterior Color Cream White